Vodafone Business is joining forces with professional services company Accenture to help European businesses bring their cybersecurity up-to-date.

The strategic partnership was formed with the mission to give national corporate customers and small to medium enterprises (SME) in Europe access to world-class security services in the form of simple, prefabricated packages. Each package will be specifically designed by a trusted provider to meet the needs of the client.

In a statement released today, Vodafone described the new agreement with Accenture as “a key step forward in Vodafone Business’ strategy to offer enterprise-grade cybersecurity to businesses of all sizes.”

As well as helping even the most petite of businesses, the partners have pledged to help all organizations regardless of where they fall on the spectrum of cybersecurity experience.

Vodafone said it will “bring enterprise-grade cybersecurity along with access to leading cyber-talent and expertise to organizations that do not have the experience, time or resources to keep up with the rapidly evolving threat landscape.”

Accenture and Vodafone Business have further revealed plans to jointly invest in security innovation in an effort to protect organizations from emerging cyber-threats.

Vinod Kumar, CEO of Vodafone Business, said the partnership will allow smaller companies to protect themselves with advanced solutions that may otherwise be beyond their grasp.

“We are committed to better support small and medium enterprises and national corporate sized businesses as they transform and ‘future ready’ their organization,” said Kumar.

“Working with Accenture, we will leverage our combined capabilities and global experience to deliver modular security solutions, offering access to technologies that until now were only available to companies with large IT budgets.”

Vodafone Business managed security services will launch later this year to SME and national corporate-sized businesses, initially in Italy and Spain, with the UK and Germany to follow.

Kelly Bissell, who leads Accenture Security globally, said the dangers of cybercrime to businesses everywhere should not be underestimated.

“The distinct nature of cybercrime makes it borderless and anonymous. Cyber-criminals can come from anywhere and as they take advantage of the COVID-19 situation, they pose a significant threat to businesses of all sizes with costly consequences,” said Bissell.