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Moving to 365.

Securing 365.

Managing Devices.

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Moving to 365.

Client migrations to 365 all come with different challenges. Whether it’s a tenant merger or moving in from another platform like Google. Thankfully we’ve done it for thousands of users. We could do it with our eyes closed, but we don’t want to show off.

What we will do is help you get your client’s migration to M365 spot on from the start..

Your client will be on the cloud in no time.

Securing 365.

Microsoft 365 is fantastic at spotting and dealing with loads of the most common threats, with a toolbox full of ways to mitigate cyberattacks before they have a chance to wreak havoc.

It’s not as simple as firing up the software and being immediately protected though, and M365 works best when it’s configured to best practice. You’ll be glad to hear that this is our speciality.

Using guidelines issued by the UK Government National Cyber Security Centre, as well as our own significant experience we’ll work with you to get your client security settings absolutely bulletproof. 

Grab a copy of our FREE guide to Securing Azure AD with Conditional Access Policies.

Managing Devices.

We all know that clients are using personal devices as well as corporate-owned devices to access their data in Microsoft 365. Let’s get that under control!

Also, what about devices for new starters? Let’s stop manual provision and get your MSP rocking with Autopilot! It’ll automatically roll out all your MSP software, settings and security controls. No more manual laptop builds.


Continual Improvement.

OK so maybe you’ve done a cracking job of setting up 365 and your security policies. Or maybe you hired an awesome squad to do it for you (wink wink) but either way, setting something up once doesn’t mean that it’s good forever. You need to constantly check if anything has wandered off course and then bringing it back on-track. Well that sounds like hard work… but don’t worry!

Offload all those boring activities to Azure Sentinel. It’ll filter through all the noise, then you just get alerted to the important stuff.

Need to get your client ready for Cyber Essentials or ISO27001 – we can make sure Microsoft 365 is setup properly.

Looking for ongoing help?

We do that too.

As well as the awesome projects that we do for MSPs, we also offer monthly escalation services. 

We support Managed Service Providers in the UK, US and Canada with our monthly escalation service. When they get stuck with Microsoft challenges, they give us a shout. 

If that sounds interesting, get in touch.