About Us

Why Cloud nexus?

Well, that’s easy; if you want a team with a tonne of experience, who’ll get the job done without a fuss but with high standards, then it has to be Cloud Nexus.

To be fair, we could talk about ourselves for ages but that’s not what’s important. Instead, let’s get down to what’s in it for you if you choose to work with us.

We bring the quiet force of our experience to every job, and yours will be no different. Working with Cloud Nexus gives you the chance to make use of a consultants who have spent years between them delivering IT transformation projects. More years than we’d care to admit actually.

Any member of our team who gets involved with your project will have done their homework to understand you and what’s at stake. We like to tell people there’s no such thing as ‘just another job’, but really it’s also just good sense.

And that’s what you’ll get with Cloud Nexus, experience and common sense. Oh and an aversion to waffle and a no-nonsense approach. We talk IT, not bollocks. You may not know it, but they’re three of the keys to a successful cloud migration, as you’ll see when you work with us.

Okay, so that was still quite a lot about us. Whatever your project though, be it a straight forward M365 migration or rolling IT support, it’ll never be easier than if you have Cloud Nexus on your side.