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Microsoft Teams.

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Moving to Teams.

Get everyone working together across boundaries, across countries, around the world!

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Teams Voice and calling plans.

Level up those Team meetings! HD Audio and Video calling let's you really be seen and heard brilliantly.

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Licensing Help.

Teams integrates with the most popular Microsoft and even 3rd Party applications. Make life easier for everyone.

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Securing Business Data.

Encryption, content controls, retention policies. Everything you need to take business data seriously.

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Are you an MSP looking for help with a project? Book a discovery call with a consultant.

Always connected with Teams.

The beauty of Microsoft Teams is its ability to give clients access to everything at once.

But… it can be tricky to migrate data in and get everything setup so it’s actually easy to use. Are you an MSP who needs help moving your client’s data across to Teams from another platform?

We can partner with you for advice, guidance and best-practice or just help do some of the heavy lifting and migration work.

Let’s make Teams easy.

Enabling Enterprise Voice.

If you have a project around Microsoft Teams Voice, we can help. Whether it’s planning a migration, sorting out porting requests or deploying a greenfield solution – We’ve been there.

From Direct Routing, Private SBCs or Microsoft Calling plans, our team have great experience on simple Teams voice rollouts.

Need something fancy like a contact center or call recording? Give us a shout – we can point you at an awesome partner who specialise in complex Teams deployments!

Need Microsoft 365 licensing advice? Have a no-hassle chat with one of our team.

Teams Standard or Premium.

Teams licensing can be complex and it keeps changing all the time. If you need a bit of help understanding what’s in Standard versus Premium we can help. 

Or if you don’t know your Teams Room Basic from your Teams Rooms Professional , we can help with that too. 

We’re a friendly bunch who like to offer advice and guidance. We’re not going to try and sell licenses, that’s not what we’re about! Go get them from your distributor!

Securing Teams Data.

Microsoft Teams has got fantastic security and compliance features.

Predominantly these are built on Sharepoint, Azure AD and global Microsoft 365 tenant settings. We’re talking about support for compliance standards across the board, including encrypted data (both at-rest and in-transit), multi-factor authentication, as well as eDiscovery and legal holds for channels, chat and files.

You can audit conversations and even detect inappropriate or insensitive material and stop it being shared between colleagues.

Need a bit of help securing Teams for your client?

We’ve got your back

Need to get ready for Cyber Essentials or ISO27001 – we can make sure Microsoft 365 is setup properly​.

Looking for ongoing help?

We do that too.

As well as the awesome projects that we do for MSPs, we also offer monthly escalation services. 

We support Managed Service Providers in the UK, US and Canada with our monthly escalation service. When they get stuck with Microsoft challenges, they give us a shout. 

If that sounds interesting, get in touch.