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Microsoft Azure.

How we help MSP with Azure projects...

Azure Design Consultancy.

Migrating to Azure.

Infrastructure Modernisation.

Cost Control.

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Azure Design and Consultancy.

Whether your client needs a single Virtual Machine or a fully automated scalable AVD solution deployed across multiple datacentres. Everything comes down to having the right design from the start. 

Our team work within the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and can help you deploy landing zones, integrate on-premise networks and computers. 

Covering Identity and Access, Network, Security, Backup and Resilience. Let us help get the right design in place before you start moving resources to Azure.


Migration is the next logical step, but it’s up to you how far we take it. We can either move entire workloads to Azure, or we can just take the strain of moving the data, it’s up to you. 

Our team are genuinely happy to slot in on the parts of any project which provides the best value back to your MSP.

However we support you… the idea is that your team get far more time to spend in literally any other way than worrying about migration.

Looking to reduce your costs in Azure, have a no-hassle chat with one of our team.


In order to get the most out of Azure, It’s often a good plan to do more than simply shoving everything up to the cloud. Azure is a different beast to on-premise IT, so it will pay to think differently about how to deploy on there.

Re-platforming and modernising will keep everything up to date. As part of the service, we’ll can help assess moving over to serverless apps and providing a dynamic, fully-optimised cloud experience.

By going serverless for your client, there’s less messing around with patching and updates for you as the MSP.

In other words, everything will work better. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Cost Control.

Spend is always going to be a huge consideration for any project, and we wouldn’t be expect it to be any different for migrating to the cloud.

Not only will we provide advice and find the best app licensing tools to help you keep costs down, we’ll also put limits on scaling groups and subscriptions so that the spend doesn’t start to runaway.

Need to get a client ready for Cyber Essentials or ISO27001 – we can make sure Microsoft 365 is setup properly.

Platform Assessment.

If you’ve already moved a client to Azure and still have questions (perhaps you’re not convinced of its resilience, performance, or security for example), then we’ve got the solution.

We’ve put together an investigative report that lets us take a fresh look at an Azure subscription. We’ll then point out any areas that you need to focus on to improve the Azure experience, providing a full report of what we recommend you do, and why you need to do it.