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Unleash your business’s potential with Microsoft Power Apps

Power Apps

“I wish there was an app for that.”

It’s a thought that’s crossed all our minds at one point or another. Often, it’s an idea that pops up when you’re forced to confront the most repetitive, menial and time-consuming daily tasks. “Power Apps” is a platform in MS 365 that lets you develop your own, unique applications with the aim of eliminating the productivity-sapping menial tasks that your business (like most others) faces.


Are inefficient work processes stifling your business’ productivity?

Implementing well-considered processes are essential to the smooth running of any business. Well-conceived processes save time and money – they should minimise wasted time, connect data sources seamlessly and be carried out by trained individuals to minimise error.

One of the biggest obstacles to efficiency in the office is the reliance on a large number of disjointed, siloed applications and data sources that have no mechanism for communicating with each other. Another obstacle is the reluctance of many Microsoft users to fully embrace the power of the automation platforms that the 365 environment supports; many believing that automation is the domain of the IT wizard and that it would take too long to figure out how to utilise its potential in a way that adds value.

Businesses are as unique as their owners, managers, and teams and as a result, you might struggle to find an off-the-shelf application that accommodates all of your operational processes. One answer is developing your own applications.  We understand that this is an extremely daunting concept for SMEs, but it really needn’t be thanks to PowerApps from Microsoft which completely removes the requirement for coding expertise and eliminates the costs associated with traditional app development.


Say ‘hello’ to PowerApps from Microsoft

It’s a little hard to pin down what Power Apps is exactly. It’s essentially a resource-bank of pre-constructed app components and that empower you to craft your own tailored solutions to your business’ unique operational processes.

Power Apps doesn’t require any extensive pre-training so you can empower your team to create a range of custom applications with the aim of expediting time-consuming processes, reducing error and ultimately freeing up staff time for value-adding tasks.

Ease of Use. ‘App development’ is synonymous with technical expertise, computer wizardry and the sort skills and knowledge that you can only access with deep pockets. But don’t worry, as Power Apps completely removes the behind-the-scenes computer science wizardry associated with app development and instead gives you the templates and component parts required to construct apps on an effortlessly simple and intuitive interface. There is literally no technical expertise required; your team can get apps out-of-the-box and operational within minutes with no prior training.

Potential for Innovation. Create ‘Canvas’ driven or ‘Model’ driven apps depending on the nature of the process you’re trying to automate.

Customisation. ‘Canvas apps’ let you craft fully-tailored user interfaces for specific purposes right down to finest detail. Specify fields to gather very specific data and create apps that can be used on various devices – desktop, mobile, tablet.

Create apps that respond to your data. ‘Model’ driven apps react to data entered, allowing you to make sense of and draw insights from the data you already hold. Bring together data from multiple sources, streamline processes and gain business insights using ready-made components.

Integrate apps into your website to enhance visuals and improve user experience

Utilise web-integrated Canvas apps to drive customer engagement and streamline data gathering processes. Or why not incorporate Model-driven apps that extract data from various sources to produce visually appealing dashboards that display business insights and other data that is sure to impress?

PowerApps is empowering productivity toolkit that lets you develop unique apps that streamline operational processes. Free your team from the burden of low-value, repetitive work and create an air of sophistication on your website that’s sure to impress existing and potential customers alike.


Release your business’s potential with empowering tech choices.

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