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Introducing Microsoft 365

The traditional office applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook) are the mainstays of many offices.  Thanks to Cloud computing, these familiar apps have been brought together, interconnected, and complemented with a range of additional applications and services in a range of subscription packages called ‘Microsoft 365.’

The new capabilities and features on offer have turned a useful suite of tools into possibly the most comprehensive and well-equipped platform for tackling almost any business challenge.  With seamless integration (apps that talk to each other), a user-friendly interface and apps for almost any purpose you can think of, many businesses are choosing Microsoft 365 for all their daily office needs.

If you already subscribe to MS 365 there is a good chance you’ve barely scratched the surface of what it has to offer.  This is the case for many users, as identifying the features that would be of value to you and learning how to use them may feel like a time-consuming task.

This blog series aims to unpack and explain some of the additional tools and services that you may already be paying for with your MS 365 subscription as we believe you should use get the most out of the tech you’re paying for.  We’ll approach each platform individually, explain what each is for, explore the features and capabilities on offer, and ultimately help you decide if each tool could be of value to your business.


Microsoft 365 – Beyond the Basics

Proprietary software can often be unwieldy and uncompromising in nature.  This requires businesses to adapt their processes to suit the software, as the software has very little built-in customisation potential.

While Microsoft 365 isn’t custom software, the level of options on offer means you can tailor a suite of solutions to suit your business’ needs.  In this series we’ll help you tailor your MS 365 to your business, by showcasing the tools that confront some of the most common operational challenges:

“How can I improve communication between my remote team?”

“How can I schedule appointments without endless Email ping-pong?”

“Can I eliminate repetitive, manual tasks with automation?”

“How can I gain value from the data my business gathers?”

“Is there any way I can moderate internal group chats?”

“Is there a tool that lets me organise and keep track of project work?”

For most of these questions, Microsoft 365 offers multiple solutions.  These blogs will help you see through the haze and choose the solution that’s right for you.


Release your business’s potential with empowering tech choices.

Here at Cloud Nexus, we draw on over 20 years of experience in the IT sector to help the hundreds of businesses we work with unlock their true potential using technology.  We help small and medium-sized enterprises increase their productivity, improve efficiency, and safeguard their digital assets often by helping them get the most of the technology they already have at their disposal.

We know Microsoft 365 inside-out, but we’re often dismayed by how few businesses utilise its full potential.  Why not get in touch and let us guide you through the options.

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