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Azure Active Directory; The hub for identity and password control in Office 365

Azure Active Directory; The hub for identity and password control in Office 365

Through compliance and countless regulations, businesses of the modern age are required to protect data and information at all costs.

Azure Active Directory (AAD) is a universal identity platform that can protect your business.


A comprehensive platform to manage and secure identities

Azure AD provides SSO and multi-factor authentication to assist your team in securing data, you can protect your business and users from the majority of common of cybersecurity attacks.

Managing customer and employee information can be a challenging task for any business, it’s hard to maintain compliance in a world where our business data sits on-premises and in multiple SaaS applications.

Windows Server AD is commonly deployed across many businesses as the main identity platform. But the scalability and security of the platform are still limited by traditional on-premise technology.

Microsoft built Azure Active Directory as a response to these scalability requirements and to simplify operational management and compliance.


What are the main challenges, why AAD?

Achieving any kind of significant growth without the ability to scale your identity management tool is impossible. Internal growth might mean more credentials to keep track of, and external growth means more customers to handle.

Proper identity management is crucial to regulating the security and effectiveness of data – when the right roles and permissions are assigned to the right people, you can secure applications, ensure compliance goals are met and save expenditure.

Conditional Access and Multi-Factor Authentication helps protect and govern access. Not everyone needs access to certain data files, documents or business-critical information, CA allows businesses to create rules and unique access for certain individuals or teams.

SSO is provided through AAD, it simplifies access to your apps from anywhere. Travelling and being away from your workstation often proves difficult when trying to gain access to your files or interface, requiring codes, confirmations and proof of identity, Azure Active directory makes this a lot easier.


How can Cloud Nexus help?

With years of frontline experience working with business-critical data and information, Cloud Nexus provides a friendly, practical, and less technical approach to managing your IT security. Data protection is important for businesses up and down the country, with rules, regulations and compliance requirements needing to be met, it’s vital that your business is up to date and secures information accordingly. With our security health check, we want to prove how just a few changes to your data protection settings can enable your business to gain peace of mind and a much stronger defence against numerous threats.


We’re Cloud Nexus and we’re offering you an Office 365, 50 Point Security Health Check

Built from our experience and also using guidelines from the UK Government National Cyber Security Centre, we have developed a 50-point health-check to assess the security of your Office 365 configuration.

Whether you’re currently using Azure Active Directory, Exchange Online, SharePoint or OneDrive, Cloud Nexus will supply and produce your business a 50-point checklist report.

For each element, the report will show:

  • How serious is the risk to your teams and your business data?
  • Is it Pre-Breach or Post-Breach i.e. before an attacker gets in or something has happened which needs investigation or Immediate action to be taken?
  • What can you do to resolve the issue using the built-in Office 365 controls?

With our report and guidance in hand, you’ll have a full view of the current risks and what actions need to be taken to secure your Office 365 configuration.


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