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Is This The Most BORING Feature in Teams?

This week, we have been testing out one of the new but most BORING features of Microsoft Teams. It’s called Noise Suppression. The idea is that wherever we are, there’s often background noises or sounds which can disrupt your calls and meetings.

This new noise suppression feature aims to cut out a lot of that background noise – but how good is it at cutting out some common household noises?

We decided to put it to the test with science….

We had tried this feature with some of the loudest objects that we could find around our houses to test out how good this feature really is.

We first started off with a hairdryer with noise suppression off and you could hear how loud it was, but with it on you couldn’t hear a thing. It’s amazing.

On the teams call, we decided to take it one step further and use a powered saw. Ok Ok.. we know you wouldn’t be using this everyday on your meeting but it’s for science… With how loud a powered saw is, it didn’t even come through on teams which is amazing. You couldn’t really hear any talking or shouting but it did great at cutting the loud noise out.

Scott tried out his breadcrumb maker, as this is what he likes to do on his teams calls. Once again… nothing. This feature really works.

We did try out some non extreme noises such as clapping and also crinkling a wrapper, you are able to not hear the noise but can hear you talking just fine. It’s like some sort of witchcraft.   

One thing that we did find is that the microphone went very quiet at the end of our test. We think that’s just due to how loud the drill was that I used. And didn’t really give teams a chance to re-evaluate the noise levels in the room. 

You need to be running the January 2021 latest update of Teams for this feature to be available and it’s enabled by default.

If you want to check, head to your profile, settings, Devices and check out the Noise Suppression feature. 

Check out the YouTube video above to watch how it works!

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