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How To Use Apple AirPods Pro With Microsoft Teams on Windows 10

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*Feb 2021 Update*

Based on feedback from you guys we now know that the LATEST Jabra Direct software is causing a speedbump with this. Don’t worry, this is still possible – you need to grab a copy of the Jabra Direct Software version 5.0.17635 from December 2020. Set up exactly as per this video. After that you are free to update to the latest version of Jabra Direct and everything continues to work great.

Have you just spent over £200 on some lovely Apple Airpods Pro?

Have you have tried to connect them with your windows 10 laptop and use them on Microsoft Teams, then you do and it just SUCKS? The audio quality sucks, it drops in and out, people can’t hear you properly…. 

We talk you through an easy way for you to fix this.

Apple AirPods Pro don’t work 100% with the Bluetooth that is built into many Windows 10 laptops. Microsoft currently say that Apple AirPods Pro are NOT supported by Microsoft Teams.

To get round this, you can buy a Jabra 370 Bluetooth Dongle: Jabra 370 Bluetooth dongle.

These things will cost you around £40 and I know, I know – you just spent hundreds on your Airpods pro. I didn’t say this was a FREE solution.

So, grab your Jabra 370 bluetooth dongle and pop it into your laptop. You also will want to download the Jabra Direct software.

Download Software: Jabra Direct Software

Now, if your AirPods are still paired under Windows Bluetooth settings, you will need to remove them.

You will then head over to the Jabra Direct software and hit the Bluetooth tab.

Put your AirPods into pairing mode by pressing the little circular button on the back, until the light on the front starts pulsing white.

Now hit Search button in the Jabra Direct app.

Your AirPods Pro are all paired up, but now let’s head over to Teams. 

In Teams we want to look up here at Settings and Devices. Make sure your speaker and your Microphone are set to Jabra 370.

And that’s it. You’ll now be able to enjoy beautiful crystal clear audio, reliable connections and your microphone quality for the people at the other end of the call will be silky smooth.

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